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Open Hour:11:00-20:00 Monday~Saturday

11:00-18:00 Sunday&National Holiday


Lions Mansion #501 1-24- 7 shinkawa, chuou-ku,Tokyo

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Do you have such symptoms?

Stiffneck ・・
You cant turn your Neck.
Scapula pain
You cant raise your arm.
You have a stiff back .
Lumber hernia/Lower back pain
Strained back/Pain in the thigh.
Joint pain
We Can Help You!

We can treat these Medical conditions.

Headache / migraine / Bleariness Tinnitus / Nocturia / palpitation Insomnia / Constipation /Asthma Hayfever / gynecological symptoms Cold hands & feet/ common cold Edema/labialis and Gential Herpes
※foot corns etc…

Slimming & beauty treatment.

We realize slimming & beauty by
Acupuncture Ear, Supplement,
Diet therapy, Detoxification thrapy.

can make suggestions a how to improve your symptoms.